Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Fire pits theory?

 Quite possibly instead of throwing the stones, you need to do a legit excavation. You might find some ground supports. These would be some indication of small shelters. Possibly those Scots who came to Nova Scotia..... Also all the ships, traders, and crashed ships. You've found a settlement. Excavate it as a settlement and maybe you will find a better story than drilling a hole to nowhere.

Scottish People on Oak island in "Nova Scotia"??????

 Wowsers these guys are getting more historically challenged.......At least ol Scotia is getting some money from these dummies. Maybe they can re invest it into some jobs and a better historical and archeological society.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch and the Skinwalker

 This show just surpassed Oak Island and Ancient Aliens combined as the dumbest program to air on what was once a reputable station.

Seriously , you send a crack head out into the woods and call it a skin walker. That is the highlight of this series? Not the planted fake gold coins, or the planted surface gold nugget, but the skin walker caught on camera????

The fake free masons on Oak island might have more credibility than this show.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch - Oak Island reinvented

 yes im a skeptic by episode 2

continuity is an issue

common sense is an issue, artifacts are an issue.

Seems we recycled the oak island conspiracy theory and added some skin walker ranch to attract the ufo nerds.

So we have a cave that was found but we dont use that entrance anymore....

All the frogs looks like regular lake frogs and not the actual blind cave frogs you find in many places around the world. 

Why don't we go through that original entrance?

Its lost again

Then we find a Spanish coin right off the bat in a flooded dig pit not yet connected to the treasure caverns. Right before that we find a nugget on top soil... Called Seeding in fake prospecting sales across the world.

The Spanish coin has black tarnish marks on there.

Then we dye the cavern thats actually got an under water flow. And find the secret spring.

We find a box thats somehow placed in the tightest spot of the cavern surrounded by limestone cave and filled with a non limestone rock.

Basically the first 6 seasons of oak island in 2 episodes.

Then episode 3 we find some random historic gold collectors edition coins on the side of the bush. That look like they have a fake weird yellow paint and not gold.

Now the tarnished gold coins turn out to be fake.

Now legends say theres Inca gold! round these parts, even though these coins are all fake.

Not to give the ufo nerds boners, they hear a weird sound and finds a carcass that looks like its weeks old. Now we got ourselves a curse !

The credibility of a couple crazy hillbillies now make them look like morons for our entertainment!

Oak island part 2!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Cartographer?

 That was a pretty nifty trick with the cross as a compass/protractor. But will it lead them to the actual supposed hiding place of this treasure?

I wasnt too impressed about the rocks.

Basically draw a big line between any two points on the island and chances you will run into a boulder. 

Plot a GPS coordinate on that boulder in most mapping programs and a surveyor will find it with ease using one of those transponders.

That one didn't impress me too much. 

Stay tuned, ill suggest the true nature of these islands, and why there may be no hidden treasure....

Monday, December 7, 2020

The secret man made coast lines of Nova Scotia's small islands?

 The are some small peculiar islands each with similar features. a triangular coast line, a triangle fresh water pond and a sand spit leading to the island.

A secret code on islands letting the visitor know this island holds a secret. 

Oak island crew, I can explore this!

Picture evidence attached!