What is in the money pit?

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Oak Island Advertising and sponsors galore!

I just keep seeing new ads for East coast companies and more speculation about finding tunnels!
Holy shite bys we found the floor of the tunnel and missed the vault again!
Oh no we missed it again but found the other tunnels!
Oh hey we found more wood! But we got a house donated by Kent homes! Better get it checked out at one of the local universities too make sure its authentic!

Dig boys dig! Find more of those $2 bobby dazzlers!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Oak island - secret entrances? The Florida theory

My Florida theory takes a look at something that is a common theme on Oak island.
There is always a lot of lime stone
And there is a lot of flood tunnels.

Anyone who is familiar with Florida have seen video of sink exploration that connect under ground chasms to lakes on golf courses, salt water lakes and marshes.

What if the way into oak island is through an underwater tunnel, a sink hole or the swamp.
There's all these small water features on the island that have not been touched. Are they salt water features? do they continue deeper than the eye can see?
Are there openings off the coasts and shores that could lead underground to the larger chasms?

Laginas! Time to stop digging and explore! Explore the water!

Oak island - Roman artifacts?

First the roman sword which might be fake, still divided.
And now the javelin. Another replica?
The iron is more intact than other artifacts. Which leads me to think maybe replica.
It was indeed an interesting find. Perhaps the Romans and Phoneticians did have a sort of exploration race to uncover a new world?

Monday, November 19, 2018

Season 6 - Ambitious start!

Wowsers! The Laginas are finally thinking  and man those plans are the best so far! I am impressed with this seasons start . The seismic , the damming, the digging! There's so many new clues which only leaves more questions!

Seriously tho whats with the lines up rocks and the anchor points, what were they moving?
Someone once mentioned that it a viking ship burried nose down. I hope they find something!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Season 6 count down!

The curse of Oak Island is coming back for season 6! Dig boys Dig!
I hear from some friends in Nova Scotia that there was a lot of crew on site and theres a buzz of some thing being found. Did they find it? Or do they need to perhaps... dig some more?

I'm excited again!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Curse of Civil war gold, finale, dissapointing

This was the exact same as that oak island season where they swear they found a gold box!

Come on ! Dig! Er I mean Swim you guys swim!

Well I did truly enjoy the history and story and the treasure hunt, its a lot better than a bunch of dudes licking brackish water to see if its brackish!!!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Curse of Civil war gold? WTF Treasure dragons den?

Getting into Curse of civil war gold, its like oak island but with tangible history and stories and artifacts....

But what really made my spit soda on the floor was what Marty says to the treasure hunters....
He needs to see hard proof of gold and he cannot invest money into the search until hes convinced. If they cannot come up with something within a reasonable amount of time. Life is short with money and Time....

Wow Marty ! Wow! You spend all your money on a hole in the ground without finding the treasure over many years and these guys have found some burnt carriages and silver and you think they're unsuccessful???

Get of your ass Marty and dig! Fucking joke!