What is in the money pit?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Curse of Civil War Gullibility?

Ok I will admit this started out with some good plot and some interesting premises. Ok we found a potential box car. but 6 episodes in and we still didnt get permits to excavate.
we got masons re interpreting freemason stories, but this secret society of knowledge hogs, still arent sure of their own involvement in history or where all their treasures are.
Is this just the curse of gullibility?
Feed money into the conspiracy theorists, and run round in circles, like Oak island and still not dig anything up!

Say it aint so Civil war mongers! Dig and excavate!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Money Cove! Money Cove! LAginas, I must dig!

Ok Laginas, I thought you were serious, and I thought you were digging.
Seems youve got carried away having pints .
Money Cove also has a triangle lake
Follow the triangles
dig the triangles
dig something!
Dig the eye of the elephant!
Did see that did you? the elephant looking island has as eye.
Guess who wants to dig?
This guy!
Time to hire a real hard working dude!
Contact me Laginas!
I dig in the morning, I dig in the evening, I dig through the winter.
Know what Ill be ding after my early morning shit?
Well after I wipe, I'll be fricking digging!

Anybody reading this blog know how to get hired to dig the shit out of that island?

Seriously the secret of the money pit is all the free masons and faux knights templars on your team! Bleeding you dry without digging!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Changing the tides???

Now the box drains are triangles, the parchment paper is cotton fibre, and the magical rocks and depressions found on a normal coast are now flood tunnels.

I feel as though now we got to make up some super BS!

Next time on BS Island, we change the story!

Maybe this all mason crew is the money pit?

Maybe the reason why its called the money pit is because the free masons devised this as a metaphorical money pit to fund their businesses????

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Curse of oak island? Am I losing interest?

Feels as though I am slowly losing interest. I like some of the new theories. The hidden entrance the random tiny artifacts. But I am slowly losing interest. I feel as though they are trying to do too many things at once and not focusing on getting the excavations done .

Im gonna need to see some crazy artifact !

Dig the swamp!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Oak Island Advertising and sponsors galore!

I just keep seeing new ads for East coast companies and more speculation about finding tunnels!
Holy shite bys we found the floor of the tunnel and missed the vault again!
Oh no we missed it again but found the other tunnels!
Oh hey we found more wood! But we got a house donated by Kent homes! Better get it checked out at one of the local universities too make sure its authentic!

Dig boys dig! Find more of those $2 bobby dazzlers!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Oak island - secret entrances? The Florida theory

My Florida theory takes a look at something that is a common theme on Oak island.
There is always a lot of lime stone
And there is a lot of flood tunnels.

Anyone who is familiar with Florida have seen video of sink exploration that connect under ground chasms to lakes on golf courses, salt water lakes and marshes.

What if the way into oak island is through an underwater tunnel, a sink hole or the swamp.
There's all these small water features on the island that have not been touched. Are they salt water features? do they continue deeper than the eye can see?
Are there openings off the coasts and shores that could lead underground to the larger chasms?

Laginas! Time to stop digging and explore! Explore the water!

Oak island - Roman artifacts?

First the roman sword which might be fake, still divided.
And now the javelin. Another replica?
The iron is more intact than other artifacts. Which leads me to think maybe replica.
It was indeed an interesting find. Perhaps the Romans and Phoneticians did have a sort of exploration race to uncover a new world?