What is in the money pit?

Monday, August 7, 2017

Rumour Mill? Cancellations?

I haven't seen or heard any news in the last few months. There's no news and articles in the Nova Scotia papers either. I don't want to raise speculations? But is the dig cancelled or maybe just the show?
Anyone out there has any information?

Monday, April 24, 2017

New season anticipations?

New season in the works? Time to really dig that swamp? Time to dig around and excavate in winter where you can get to whats under the swamp?
Will they find gold or just more old bronze buttons?
Will a 7th man die?
Will that rig drill without a break down or accident?
Who knows!!!!!
Im excited at the possibility of the swamp! Once again the Laginas have not returned my email asking for a moderate pay to keep digging all winter long...... Nor my offers for summer.....
Oh well!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dig the swamp!

I keep saying ... DIG DIG DIG!

I never got why they never did dig the swamp , knowing that there was a buried ship, DIG that swamp. Uh o, end of season, no swamping till next time!

But dig that swamp in winter! God damn it kids, do it the way we do in the oil patch , in mining companies, in the labor camps! Dig through the solid so you dont fricking sink. holy treasure hunters farts, Laginas, just dig it!

You cant call it a treasure vault....

If you havent found treasure, or proved that there was treasure in that pit before!

Never did they find a vault or uncover the fact that it was a vault and not just a chunk of some mortar.

I love how ol Craig keeps chuckling, he he ha ha on the way to the bank I go!

Maybe the money pit is so called because of all the money the freemasons swindle out of you?

We got a crew of masons who cant dig or build anything, and now the Irving masons pretending to be working hard digging into these magical mysterious vaults and all we find is a freaking gold plated button????

During the recap of last nights episode, they claim their family found three chests, but magically these chests have never been seen by anyone, might the Mcginnis sisters be gypsies in on the whole scheme?

It seems more and more people are coming out with connections to these treasures but with no proof and as the Laginas keep begging, please give us answers!!! No one shall tell their secrets!

So no one found the treasure, supposedly now, but now its Inca gold??? Pirates of the Caribbean script piracy yarrrrrrrr.

Monday, February 13, 2017

The curse of unfulfillment

I find myself fast forwarding through this season curse of oak island. Season 1 had me, season 2 had me sorta, but then all the weirdness and creating fake links to billions of other treasures with no proof of treasure just sorta killed the dream of treasure hunting.

It seems that absolutely every lost treasure is buried at the bottom of this vault that is so tiny that no one can seem to find it. With that much treasure, and that deep a hole, surely there would be a bit more than a gold link or two and some buttons right?

anyone else getting a little bored? Leave me a comment below. I want to blow this blog up into a big thing, and offer prizes , and maybe head to the island and do a tour, if the Laginas ever contact me. And Id like to take some of you , my faithful but few followers with me and reward you for being such good readers and not being angry fanboys.

this isnt an exceptional blog by any means, but its something thats always been an interest, and although I may seem very skeptical and angry at the show, this is just my ahole personality wanting and trying to motivate the boys to DIG A LITTLE BIT MORE!!!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The curse of fake island?

Extra extra fish shaped island swims away!
So supposedly theres gravel box drains with no box drains, a fish shaped island with secret buried clay ledges and a Craig Tester who is testing my patience!

gues what i say to these boys, instead of spending what seems like an eternity talking and getting excited and feeding your $$$ bills  , keep digging!

If fish island really is the secret spot construct the bladder around a portion of it and keep digging.

Over 4 years and these guys have zero significant excavation sites at all. That's an epic oak island fail or one "fish " of a story!

Ditch the old dude, hire a bunch of young dudes, like myself and lets just dig and excavate! Im feeling like having those money swindling free masons on your team is slowing progress!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Doing things unprepared

Many viewers probably cringed at the possibility that there might be a smooth surface brick, many assume its a god bar. But what we could have done to save time and solve this riddle was to take a sample.

In typical Lagina fashion, unprepared to work smart. Sometimes smart work unveils more than digging holes. I know last year I was all about the hole digging. But hey we finally have a hole, many years later.

But going down into a murky cavity knowing that there would be zero visibility and you didnt take any tools to get samples or hoist additional rocks?

tsk tsk Laginas, amateur mistake.

Shoulda cored and sampled that rock, it would have told a whole story on its own.

You guys really need to fire those free mason freeloading drunks and hire a real brain!
This guy!

Join us next episode, what secrets will we fail to solve on the un preparedness of oak island!