What is in the money pit?

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Curse of Civil war gold? WTF Treasure dragons den?

Getting into Curse of civil war gold, its like oak island but with tangible history and stories and artifacts....

But what really made my spit soda on the floor was what Marty says to the treasure hunters....
He needs to see hard proof of gold and he cannot invest money into the search until hes convinced. If they cannot come up with something within a reasonable amount of time. Life is short with money and Time....

Wow Marty ! Wow! You spend all your money on a hole in the ground without finding the treasure over many years and these guys have found some burnt carriages and silver and you think they're unsuccessful???

Get of your ass Marty and dig! Fucking joke!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Season Finale still leaves so much unanswered!

I will amid amid all the slowness and disappointment of this season, they did make some serious finds. Good Job Laginas!

The brooch clip and garnet jewel, the bits of human bone and all that pottery.

But we still need the big questions answered

Whats at the bottom of the swamp? Whats deep in that hole? what else lies along the shore?

Laginas, Listen bros! Hire me cheap, Ill give you 365 days of hard labor! offer still stands!
just hook me up with some shovels!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lead coated gold cross? Sarlat le Caneda?

Ok so that blew my mind, Sarlat le Caneda. Interesting.

But the lead cross might be hiding golden secrets? Break that cross open!!!!
Ok maybe dont just crack it in half, how bout drill a teeny tiny itsy bitsy hole through and show me the money??????

My gold fever is getting intense and the only medicine is gold!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The templar connection

Wow an entire episode thats a really crappy , conspiracy theory version of a previous history channel documentary...... even more speculation and less digging.....
Damn it Laginas, you must dig! and dig and dig and find something!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Chapel Vault?

So we have a vault that we have not yet found and cannot be positively ID'd but now you say youve knocked the vault over and deeper and that why we didnt find it?
Come on guys! Dig some more, or fire those Irving pelicans!

I think the two small looking eyeball ponds need digging and metal detecting. Also metal detect the heck out of the island and the shore and the shallows! Coastlines are always shrinking, whats shore today might have been land years ago. Chapel vault or not, dont just stand around! Come get me Laginas, put a shovel and a metal detector in my hand and ill metal detect the heck out of that island!!!

Monday, January 29, 2018

I think we need a bigger hole???

Ok so they think they've found the Chapel Vault and now they think they knocked it into the cave in section. All things noone can confirm at the moment.
I think we are going to need a bigger hole!!! I dont know why they never used a massive hole large enough to send people down to dig, dive, excavate and bring up mas sections of this treasure?

I emailed the Laginas via history channel volunteering myself and a shovel for min wage and said that I would put in 12 hours a day and dig the heck out of random spots of the island. Still no response......

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Is Craig Tester retarded?

Im seriously asking....
This dude must be the most informed free mason in all of Canada

Hey we dug up some wood!
Craig tester: I knew it fucking tresure chest from black beard!

Hey we dug up some coconut fibres:
Craig Tester: Fucking knew it the holy grail!!!

Hey we dug up fibres
Craig Tester: Fucking told ya bys Shakespeare's manuscripts!

Hey we dug up bones!
Craig Tester: Its Jesus remains!

Craig Tester..... fuckin givin er a new theory he knew from the begining every fricking day.