What is in the money pit?

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

You cant call it a treasure vault....

If you havent found treasure, or proved that there was treasure in that pit before!

Never did they find a vault or uncover the fact that it was a vault and not just a chunk of some mortar.

I love how ol Craig keeps chuckling, he he ha ha on the way to the bank I go!

Maybe the money pit is so called because of all the money the freemasons swindle out of you?

We got a crew of masons who cant dig or build anything, and now the Irving masons pretending to be working hard digging into these magical mysterious vaults and all we find is a freaking gold plated button????

During the recap of last nights episode, they claim their family found three chests, but magically these chests have never been seen by anyone, might the Mcginnis sisters be gypsies in on the whole scheme?

It seems more and more people are coming out with connections to these treasures but with no proof and as the Laginas keep begging, please give us answers!!! No one shall tell their secrets!

So no one found the treasure, supposedly now, but now its Inca gold??? Pirates of the Caribbean script piracy yarrrrrrrr.

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