What is in the money pit?

Monday, February 13, 2017

The curse of unfulfillment

I find myself fast forwarding through this season curse of oak island. Season 1 had me, season 2 had me sorta, but then all the weirdness and creating fake links to billions of other treasures with no proof of treasure just sorta killed the dream of treasure hunting.

It seems that absolutely every lost treasure is buried at the bottom of this vault that is so tiny that no one can seem to find it. With that much treasure, and that deep a hole, surely there would be a bit more than a gold link or two and some buttons right?

anyone else getting a little bored? Leave me a comment below. I want to blow this blog up into a big thing, and offer prizes , and maybe head to the island and do a tour, if the Laginas ever contact me. And Id like to take some of you , my faithful but few followers with me and reward you for being such good readers and not being angry fanboys.

this isnt an exceptional blog by any means, but its something thats always been an interest, and although I may seem very skeptical and angry at the show, this is just my ahole personality wanting and trying to motivate the boys to DIG A LITTLE BIT MORE!!!!!


  1. I fast forward through 80% of it these days. 50% of it is nothing but a rehash of what we already saw. They say they do this to bring new viewers up to speed... Fuck the new viewer.. let them binge watch on Netflix or Amazon. Don't push all of the rehash on viewers that have been watching for years. This show is getting real old with all of the same scenes.

    1. I hear ya brother, Too much dicking around, they got to show us proof! Else dont be pumping out episodes of rehash!