What is in the money pit?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The curse of fake island?

Extra extra fish shaped island swims away!
So supposedly theres gravel box drains with no box drains, a fish shaped island with secret buried clay ledges and a Craig Tester who is testing my patience!

gues what i say to these boys, instead of spending what seems like an eternity talking and getting excited and feeding your $$$ bills  , keep digging!

If fish island really is the secret spot construct the bladder around a portion of it and keep digging.

Over 4 years and these guys have zero significant excavation sites at all. That's an epic oak island fail or one "fish " of a story!

Ditch the old dude, hire a bunch of young dudes, like myself and lets just dig and excavate! Im feeling like having those money swindling free masons on your team is slowing progress!

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