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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Doing things unprepared

Many viewers probably cringed at the possibility that there might be a smooth surface brick, many assume its a god bar. But what we could have done to save time and solve this riddle was to take a sample.

In typical Lagina fashion, unprepared to work smart. Sometimes smart work unveils more than digging holes. I know last year I was all about the hole digging. But hey we finally have a hole, many years later.

But going down into a murky cavity knowing that there would be zero visibility and you didnt take any tools to get samples or hoist additional rocks?

tsk tsk Laginas, amateur mistake.

Shoulda cored and sampled that rock, it would have told a whole story on its own.

You guys really need to fire those free mason freeloading drunks and hire a real brain!
This guy!

Join us next episode, what secrets will we fail to solve on the un preparedness of oak island!

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