What is in the money pit?

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Are the masons delaying the discovery?????

Remember all those episodes where we slowly found out that everyone hired was a free mason, all their companies owned by free masons???

What if the masons are just burning the Lagina brothers fortune just for humour? Just to delay finding out whats really down there?

Think about it, the free masons and templars have knows whats down there and have helped built it why cant they go to the records and find out whats down there or where the treasure is hidden?

Because theyre just funding something bigger with the Lagina brothers money!


  1. The treasure is the whole island, what lies below is the gift. The educated guess I will take is that north America had been one of the main sources of copper for the bronze age, with the findings of Puresian coins in the region of Nova Scotia that date back as far as 300 b.c. along with the numerous copper mines that litter the northern American continent islands. I see this island as a smoking gun in regards to all the mining and tunneling that seems to have taken place in the region. Also considering that the tunneling that has taken place on the island is old world knowledge and meant to keep anyone without specific knowledge of this island. The numerous mooring line scars on the ocean floor, the triangle shaped stones that most likely would have been above sea level at the newly discovered time range, a possible sunken ship, and the dredge pile north of the island are incredible to say the least. The fact is that the Knights Templar have a wealth of knowledge they haven't shared with the public and probably never will, the same can be said for the fact that the Templar had knowledge of the americas long before Columbus's time. The time line for the Knights having conquered Egypt and conversion of its people to Christianity as well as the plundering of tombs rumored to have taken place there, where else would those treasures have been taken other than northern Africa as the discovered maps and coded ledger. Once Jerusalem was taken by the Knights, they allegedly plundered the holy city while there. I believe the golden statue in the shallow vault is Egyptian in nature and possibly a statue of Annubis or the spynx. There is a prediction Nostradamus that says a great revelation will be bestowed upon man that would change history below the Spynx statue. Is it possible that the larger vault below the 140 ft target vault is the same as the one Nostradamus predicted? Fortunately, we have the history channel there to document the findings as they occur. Speaking for myself, I am extremely excited to see what they do pull out of the ground! I will be watching with much anticipation!

    1. That would be logic itself my friend. There are numerous stories about the great copper theft. The old trade route that was forgot during the dark ages. Copper mining shafts is an excellent theory.
      The new season is here and there needs to be more digging!