What is in the money pit?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sobering nothing ness

The mystery continues, a void, a natural formation, no bodies, no box, no post.
Rick says, his plan is to drain the hole.

Rick, listen, you are an oil and gas company owner....
What is the first thing you do when drilling in a place that is water saturated???
You drill in winter when everything is frozen over and slushy! Duh!

Come on guys, your free mason friends have no clue what they are doing!

Then we have the mystery gold in the new hold and no one decides to dig to it? "we dont know what it is but we know it is there"
Dig dig dig damn it. You dont need to dig a big hole, you pound a larger core in and pull it out in 8 hours.

Come on Lagina brothers! Think this through, gold fever makes you stupid!

The last episode ends with them waiting out the winter? WTF guys. Season 4 should be called "just fucking dig" You hire me for the cost of season 1 and I dig with a core pipe and a sledge and ill get more answers than all 3 seasons combined.

May season 4 brng smarter wiser intelligent brothers.

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